Top 5 Orthopedic Related Twitter Pages of 2012

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Top 5 Orthopedic Related Twitter Pages of 2012

Social Media is a big deal. Companies bust out big budgets for social media companies to come in and grow their networks. There are many different social media networks available to medical professionals, which is the best? It can vary from person to person. The social media website that you have the most contacts on is usually the focus site. You want to send a message to the largest amount of people possible. If you spend all of your time on a social media network that only has half the contacts, you are missing out on a lot of connections and opportunities.

We did a lot of research work and found the Top 5 Orthopedic Twitter pages. We based our research on a few different things. We mostly did search engine and Twitter searches to find the most relevant and dominant Orthopedic Twitter accounts. When we say a Twitter page is “dominant”, we are referring to the fact that it shows up in multiple search results for related key term searches.

Factors of a Top Orthopedic Twitter Page

A Twitter page is only a Twitter page. A good social media manager can build up the followers on any Twitter page. If an Orthopedic Surgeon or Orthopedic Website has a strong Twitter presence it doesn’t necessarily that they provide the best services. We tried to find the top 5 twitter pages by doing searches and finding pages that have the most followers. We compiled a list of 15 top Twitter pages and made a final decision from there.‘s Top 5 Orthopedic Twitter pages is strictly opinion based and should not be taken as official twitter ruling. Contact us if you have been listed in any of our polls and you want your Orthopedic Clinic to be removed. We know many in-house marketing and advertising departments aren’t familiar with the rules on back link policies so they assume it is a negative thing.

Top 5 Orthopedic Twitter Pages 2012